Pedestal And Wall Fans


The ASK Industrial Pedestal and Wall Fans are an extremely cost effective and efficient method of rapidly cooling people, machinery and work areas.


  • Both are of high quality chrome plated finger guard, made to meet and exceed Australian safety standards.
  • Powerful 3 speed, 240 volt / single phase / 50 Hz (240/1/50) electric motor, approved by the Queensland Electricity Commission of Australia (CS/1101/Q).
  • 0-90° controllable oscillation mode and adjustable tilt of 15° downwards and 60° upwards (on pedestal model), allows for cool air to be delivered to areas of most need or to broad sweep, covering a 90° sweep, by approximately 15mts effective breeze produced by the fan.
  • Sturdy circular cast iron base ensures excellent fan stability for the Pedestal model, or Wall mounted model can secure the fan out of the way of accidental knocks or unauthorised tampering.
  • Telescopic vertical stand (Pedestal Model) allows for fan head height adjustment, to direct the breeze to the correct area.
    All metal construction.
  • 12 Months Warranty.
  • In the Brisbane Metropolitan area, ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) can offer free on site demonstrations.
  • We can offer our fans packaged, in easy to assemble 'Sub Assemblies', ready for dispatch to National and International customers.


The team at ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) will be happy to view your entire heat problem at no charge, [within the Brisbane region] to help you with the best positions and installation of the fans plus advise on other ventilation products to give a more complete package. We find that the use of fans can be complemented with the installation of wind powered industrial roof ventilators.

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