Mancoolers And Axial Fans


The ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) range of Mancoolers provides a selection of sizes and power ratings to suit all applications.

The 3mm heavy duty galvanised steel tub provides a tough exterior for the all steel hub and blade assembly. Although this is the strongest Mancooler on the market, mobility is a breeze with the whole unit sitting on four castors, two with brakes.

Safety from the eight blades is provided with the attractive high quality chrome plated finger guards.

The blades are in bright orange to provide a visual safety feature.

The ends of the mancooler tub are flanged, to allow for connection into rigid ducting for long term applications and a ducting ring is available to convert the flange into a spigot to accept flexible ducting or filter bags.

Click here to view or download a 5 Second video clip of the above powered extraction demonstration. (683Kb) 
Available in five sizes, 12" 15" 19" 24" all in 240v and new to the range, the 30" with a 415v motor, delivering 8,800L/S. 

ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) can build special application Mancoolers such as a unit with a variable speed control and no frame [fabricated for film production companies].


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