Misting Fans


The ASK Misting Fans are an extremely cost effective and efficient method of rapidly cooling people, machinery and work areas.

The ASK Misting System is designed to operate where conventional air conditioning is not practical, possible or simply too expensive. As a derivative of the climate control systems used in livestock cooling applications such as chicken houses, piggeries and dairies, the design incorporates the injection of water under high pressure through specially designed and patented nozzles. The resultant finely atomized 5 micron water droplets, when introduced into the surrounding air effectively flash evaporate and cool the contacted air.

With correctly applied methodology a temperature reduction of up to 10° C is achieved with virtually no increase in humidity.

Being totally portable, the system can be used in any number of applications. Used across a broad spectrum of applications and industries, the Misting System is an ideal solution where heat stress is affecting the productivity, quality or comfort of people, animals and produce.

The team at ASK Equipment Sales (Qld) will be happy to view your entire heat problem at no charge, [within the Brisbane region] to help you with the best positions and installation of the fans plus advise on other ventilation products to give a more complete package. We find that the use of fans can be complemented with the installation of wind powered industrial roof ventilators.

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