Nifty-Lift 30Kg Gas Strut Wheelie Bin Lifter

Nifty-Lift 30Kg Gas Strut Wheelie Bin LifterThe Nifty Lift is a manually operated bin-lifter that aids in the lifting and emptying of wheelie bins into skips, using gas struts to give 30Kg of assisted lifting force.

Designed to lift up to 30kg at a time, this bin-lifter is perfect for retail outlets, small offices and factories that dispose of paper and general waste and are required to empty their wheelie bins once or twice a day.

The lifting action is a “full swing” tip operation which enables it to be compact in size.

  • Safe lifting capacity of 30kg

  • Lifts 120L and 240L bins

  • Manual operation (assisted lift)

  • Schools, factories and retail outlets

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